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Since our specialty is commercial applications, we are definitely equipped to handle even the largest of jobs with ease.


Whether you’re building a new office or re-purposing an existing one, we can help you implement a solution that is right for you.

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Primo Construction has been at the forefront of commercial and industrial concrete for the last three decades. Our knowledge and expertise will guide you along your project, ensuring that each phase is done correctly and within the proposed budget. Our specialty has been largely in commercial and industrial projects and this is where our competence is most apt to provide you with the quality and reliability that our clients have been counting on for years.

We strive to ensure that you understand the quality of our work, compared to our competitors, and how careful planning can prevent issues down the road. Let us assist in providing you the best service at a competitive price.

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Whether it is a new sewer installation, or repair to an existing one, we have the tools to tackle the job with speed and efficiency.

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