Industrial Floors

Industry places a significant load, day in and day out, on flooring. Concrete must be cured and finished to withstand the daily use and abuse of an industrial setting. The right materials go a long way to ensure productivity and daily operations never cease to exist because of lackluster building materials or methods. Our floors are up to the task and able to provide peace of mind and safety in industrial uses. For years, we have provided industry with concrete flooring that is attractive, easily cleaned and provides a safe surface to conduct operations on. Industrial Operations always start from the ground up and Primo can help you come up with a solution that fits your budget and your designed purpose.

Concrete Floors

The same principles that govern our industrial flooring operations are carried over to our commercial and residential line. Expect the same quality materials and methods that will last for years to come. We can help you design and implement a concrete flooring solution that is right for you and we can do it in a reasonable timeframe. When you’re looking for a job well done the first time, count on our years of expertise in concrete floors and let us get you started on the right foot, literally.

Silo Pads

Our concrete pads offer durability and reliability that you have come to expect over the last thirty years. We can implement a silo pad in any size or shape that you may require. Placing a silo on a strong pad gives you the security and safety that you require and ensures that it will last for generations to come. Our strong work ethic goes hand it hand with those who count on us to give them affordable solutions that are backed by years of hard work and dedication.