Parking Lots

Whether it’s a new pour or repairs to an existing lot, Primo has the knowledge and experience to offer solutions that will last for years. We have seen developments, over the years, in materials and methods and can offer our expertise in getting a job done right the first time. Asphalt or concrete, we offer custom solutions that are backed by quality application and installation. Trust Primo for your next parking lot.

Loading Docks

Docks are used day in and day out and require expert craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials to ensure that logistics can be carried out in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re looking to build a new loading dock, or to repair or replace an existing one, Primo has years of experience designing and installing quality concrete loading docks that will provide access for years to come. Let us design a solution that works best with your business and offer our expertise and craftsmanship in your next project.


General masonry applications are at the forefront of our knowledge and application. We can offer custom solutions to any project that are guaranteed to work and to last for many years down the road. We offer a myriad of services in concrete applications, methods and finishing and strive to be better than the average concrete contractor. Let us show you how we have made a name for ourselves and make in impact on your home or business for a lifetime.

Retention Ponds

Retaining liquid requires concrete application that is crafted well and able to withstand liquid pressure. Our systems are quality and reliable in their applications. We use the highest strength materials and use expert finishing techniques that ensure liquids stay where they belong. Primo is synonymous with quality and reliability and we pride ourselves on providing you with retention ponds that meet those same standards.