Office Remodeling

Whether your building a new office or repurposing an existing one, we can help you design and implement a solution that is right for you. From concrete flooring to structural concrete, we can devise a plan that provides ease of access and quality building materials. Our work is guaranteed and our result exceed expectations of quality and timeliness of completion.

Heavy Duty Retaining Walls

Retaining walls for commercial and residential purposes sometimes exceed normal circumstances. If you need a custom design for a large poured or block retaining wall, count on Primo to deliver a solution that is right for you. Slipshop retaining walls can be seen daily, reminding you of the importance of choosing a reputable concrete contractor for your next retaining wall project. Our walls are built correctly, the first time, and will last for years to come. We have the knowledge to plan for problem areas, where a wall can correct erosion issues and water drainoff problems. Let us show you a plan that fits both your budget and uses quality building materials and methods.

Steel Sheeting

Installation of steel sheeting requires precision and knowledge of its applications. Primo guarantees that our installations are done in a timely manner and to correct specifications for their application. We can design and implement solutions that are able to last for many years. Our standard of quality is remarkable and our committment to excellence shows in every project that we do. Give Primo a call today and let us guide you down a path of quality craftsmanship that you have come to rely on with us.