Our Specialty is Commercial applications. We are well staffed and well equipped to take on any job large or small.

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Primo Construction

New office or re-purposing an existing one? We can help you implement a solution that is right for you!
Our specialty is commercial applications, we are ready and equipped to handle even the largest of jobs with ease.


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Custom Stairs

Stairs for industrial, commercial or residential settings may be designed and built to any specification.

If you need assistance determining the right type of stairs, let us help.

Silo Pads

Our concrete pads offer durability and reliability that you have come to expect over the last thirty years.

We can implement a silo pad in any size or shape that you may require.

Parking Lots.

Whether it’s a new pour or repairs to an existing lot, Primo has the knowledge and experience to offer solutions that will last for years.

We have seen developments, over the years, in materials and methods and can offer our expertise in getting a job done right the first time.

Concrete Floors

Industry places a significant load, day in and day out, on flooring.

Concrete must be cured and finished to withstand the daily use and abuse of an industrial setting. The right materials go a long way to ensure productivity and daily operations never cease to exist because of lackluster building materials or methods.

Machine Pads

Our concrete Machine Pads offer durability and reliability that you have come to expect over the last thirty years.

We can implement a silo pad in any size or shape that you may require. Placing a silo on a strong machine pad gives you the security and safety that you require and ensures that it will last for generations to come.


Sewer applications demand a new level of precision and reliability. Having the knowledge to get the job done right the first time and one that will last for many years down the road.

Whether it is a new sewer installation, or repair to an existing one, we have the tools to tackle the job with speed and efficiency.

Loading Docks

Docks are used day in and day out and require expert craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials to ensure that logistics can be carried out in the most efficient way possible.

Some of our work

We take pride in our previous work and our happy customers. We cater to any sector to boost business and increase exposure. We have worked with companies large and small. Including the likes of Bolthouse Farms, King Wire Inc. & Fresh Logistics

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Primo Construction & Building Inc. is a reliable general contractor

and provider of highly specialized new construction and rebuilding projects in the Chicago Metropolitan area. We cover almost anything about construction, concrete improvement and other architectural developments that span from industrial, commercial and general replacing and rebuilding works. For quality and general contracting purposes, we have been the trusted general contractor of Chicago businesses specializing in any concrete activities such as concrete paving, industrial flooring, commercial and industrial concrete resurfacing, tuckpointing, asphalt paving, general concrete paving, and many more.